Music Box


Within the space of the infinite possible songs, Music Box defines a small region –closer to an individual song than to a musical tool –, and invites the spectator to participate in the composition of a song. Concepts like remix and mash-up are incorporated to the original version, and composition approaches programming.

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Several factors determined the definition of the process for this project. First, the problem was completely new to me. Second, time constraints were tight (one month). Third, it involved work in different fronts:

  • Music production
  • Form factor design and production
  • Software development
  • Interaction design

This led me to find a team of collaborators, who kindly offered their help in different areas: Joe Mendelson (music), Javier Cruzado (design) and Cecilia Plottier (production).

These factors also led production to be organized in a series of prototypes. The first and last prototypes addressed integration between areas, and the rest explored each of them separately, making work in parallel possible.

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Future work

  • Take the music box metaphor one step further: incorporate visuals outside the cube which reflect what is happening inside.
  • Explore more gestures, musical variables and mappings between them.
  • Consider related concepts: a mash-up machine; an original song that morphs into remixes by different producers; a mix between styles with a geographical criteria.


Luisa Pereira Hors: concept, programming, music.
Joe Mendelson: music.
Javier Cruzado: graphic and light design.
Cecilia Plottier: production.

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